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Get Cash & Carry savings, without the hassle.

With no order minimums and the best pricing available, the benefits of purchasing from Cash and Carry suppliers are obvious. You love the savings, but not the hassle -- being away from your restaurant and your customers, the time spent driving and shopping, and the wear and tear on you and your vehicle.

With Nix86 delivers, you can order online and the product comes to you!

How It Works

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Buying from traditional distributors Shopping yourself at a Cash & Carry Buying through
Save Money
Save up to 40% on items you purchase.
Visible Product Prices
See pricing in real time, with no hidden markups.
Easy Ordering
With our online site or mobile app.
Broad Selection
10,000 high quality products in wide range of pricing.
No Minimum Orders
Order only exactly what you need.
Same Day Delivery
7:00 AM order cut-off time for same day delivery.
Save Time
No more time wasted driving or searching for products in a busy warehouse.
Manage Your Business
You won't have to leave your restaurant or your customers to go shopping.
No Wear and Tear
On you or your vehicle.
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Pricing and Delivery Fees

You pay the actual price of the products in the Cash & Carry store – no hidden markups.

$25 + 5% of total value of the order

Frequently Asked Questions

Cash & Carry Suppliers

You’ll pay the actual shelf price of the products, there are no hidden markups. We only charge the following fee for shopping and delivery:

$25 + 5% of total value of the order

You pay the actual shelf price of the products, there are no hidden markups. You’ll be able to see your Cash & Carry supplier’s full product catalog, with real-time pricing, on the Nix86 website or mobile app. While pricing sometimes varies by store, be assured that you will only pay the actual shelf price at the time of purchase, and not a penny more.

Cash & Carry suppliers offer substantial savings versus many traditional distributors; savings of 20-40% are common. We are happy to do a price comparison analysis for you so you’ll know how much you could be saving.

No. If you are a company that purchases wholesale food products, you just need to create an account with Nix86 and you’ll be all set.

Just about everything. Consider us your new favorite broadliner, with over 10,000 items in their inventory. While you may not want to order everything from us, you could! Cash & Carry suppliers ensure the same quality that would match up against your traditional suppliers.  You’ll be able to find name brands, local and even organic offerings on our site.

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