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Because the product you serve matters

From placing orders online to organizing your monthly reports Nix86 makes it easier to run and grow your restaurant

In 3 easy steps


Grab your phone and select the product you need or search for new products from your vendors. It’s all in one place.


With one touch each of your vendors will receive their order from you. We will send you an order confirmation via email.


That’s it! Your ordering is done. Get back to work…or call it a day.

Order Easy

Save time by placing multiple orders with a single click. Filter your order guides on the fly to see only the items you need. With 24/7 access to all of your product information from all your suppliers you can order whenever, wherever and however you want.

Communicate Better

Search your supplier catalogs to find new products. Reduce order errors by digitally tracking communications with your suppliers and team members. Multiple locations, multiple users, multiple suppliers? No problem.

Drive Profits

Toss the paper, and track your spend in the cloud.
Our easy and intuitive reports allow you to stay on top of what you use, and what you owe. No more filing!

Our partners depend on Nix86 every day


“I love placing all of my orders at the touch of one button. Before, I needed to call, email, and try to reach busy reps. It’s a dream!”

Rebecca, Owner/Chef
Whole Heart Provisions


“Using Nix86 is about a 50% reduction in time. It’s crazy how much time I’ve wasted over my years in the kitchen just waiting for the vendor’s voicemail to pick up.”

Garner, Co-Founder & DOO
The Townshend & Belfry Hall


“No more collecting and keying invoices! Nix86 keeps us organized and on top of our costs and our bills.”

Susan, Controller
Roundgrille Inc

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