For Distributors and Suppliers

Nix86 is a leading mobile and web platform that modernizes the wholesale procurement process for foodservice buyers and sellers. Restaurant and retail buyers place orders using their mobile device or computer, and suppliers receive orders directly into their existing ERP. Millions of dollars of orders have gone through our platform – why don’t you join us?

Mobile and Web platforms

Give your customers what they are asking for; offer mobile and online ordering to your customers and allow them to order from you anytime, anywhere. Customers will find it easy, enjoyable, and convenient to order from you.

Reduce Errors

Eliminating mistakes made during manual entry will reduce runbacks, further saving you money. Every order detail is called out along with contracted terms, and you are sent digitals copies via email of customer communications and orders.

Save Time and Money

Letting your customers place orders directly will save you data entry costs and result in cost savings to you. Instead of entering orders, you’ll be able to spend the time you saved with your best customers.

Customized Order Guides

Because we integrate directly with your ERP, each of your customers’ individual order guides, as well as your complete product catalog, can be displayed.

For Restaurants and Retailers

One Click Ordering

Grab your phone and select the products you need from any of your vendors, anytime, anyplace, all with a single click. Filter your order guides on the fly to see only the products you need. Add special instructions if you need to. You’ll receive email confirmations of all orders placed.


You can check in your orders from your phone, comparing what you ordered to what you actually received. If there are ever any discrepancies, you can capture images of them with your phone and communicate directly with your suppliers.


Toss the paper, and track your spend in the cloud. Our easy and intuitive reports allow you to stay on top of what you use, and what you owe. No more filing.



What People Say About Us

No more collecting and keying invoices! Nix86 keeps us organized and on top of our costs and our bills!

Susan Riley Roundgrille Inc.

Using Nix86 is about a 50% reduction in time. It’s crazy how much time I’ve wasted over my years in the kitchen just waiting for the vendor’s voicemail to pick up!

Garner Blume The Townshend & Belfry Hall

My accounts can browse and order from our full catalog any time they want.  No more late night calls and the order still comes through to me.

Bread Distributor

Our customers love ordering online and through the mobile app.  We used to be all hands on deck at peak ordering times. Nix86 has helped manage order volumes.”

Produce Distributor

Orders are submitted directly into our ERP. No more translating customer shorthand and keying in orders! All of our orders are digitally tracked and confirmed.

Broadline Sales Rep

I love placing all of my orders at the touch of one button. Before, I needed to call, email, and try to reach busy reps. It’s a dream!

Rebecca Arnold Whole Heart Provisions

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