Is my information safe?

Your information is 100% safe. We pride ourselves in providing a completely secure and protected App solution to our customers.


What happens if an order doesn’t get delivered?

Same thing that happens now. You get in touch with your vendor and figure out what happened. The difference now is that this time you both have our powerful tool to help solve the problem: a clear record of all communication tied directly to a specific order. Pinpoint the problem, fix the mistake, and get back to business. No more confusion.


I like my sales reps. What happens to that relationship?

We’re not replacing your vendor reps. Nix86 is designed to be a strong tool for both you and your reps. A good sales rep is an ally. By assisting with the ordering process we not only free up your schedule, we actually free up more time for your rep to really understand your business and help you be successful.


How many people can place orders for my restaurant?

As many as YOU want! You can have an unlimited number of users on your account. You decide who has access and who doesn’t. You can even give access to your accountant or bookkeeper if you like.


What about my cutoff times?

Just like your unique pricing and order mins, vendor cutoff times surface in Nix86. One of the great things about Nix86 is that you can even place “same day” orders when the clock has technically struck midnight but you are still hard at work in the kitchen.


What if my vendors have order minimums?

As you order, we display a real time total for your purchase with each vendor in the top right corner of your screen, so you’ll know exactly how much you’ve ordered and how far you are from your order minimum. We never stop you from being able to submit an order, but we do notify you when you are below your order minimum so you can avoid additional fees or being asked to combine your order with a future order.


I have special pricing with some of my vendors. Do I still have access to those prices?

Absolutely! The prices and all other negotiated contract terms between you and your vendors are mirrored in Nix86. Even more, we understand the importance of this private and sensitive information, and we keep them that way. Every price you see reflects the individual relationship you have with your vendors.


How do I know if you work with my current vendors?

Simply put, we do! Our list of integrated vendor partners is growing by the day, and with those partners you are able to view entire catalogs and your individual pricing in live time. But possibly the best part about Nix86 is that our technology works seamlessly with all of your vendors no matter who they are. Simply upload your order guide and start submitting orders digitally! It’s that easy. You and your rep receive a formatted order confirmations via email so all your orders and communications can be digitally tracked.