Your chief objective is to deliver the goods to your customers.
The better you perform the happier your customers will be.
Strong communication and fast execution for ordering and
receiving make your customers, and you, come out ahead.

Because the product you sell matters

Stand out from the competition

  • Nix86 can help you offer mobile and online ordering to your customers
  • Get paid faster. With Nix86 your customers always know what they owe you. No lost invoices.
  • Nix86 can be fully integrated with your existing software system, you have no new systems to learn.

Sell more product

  • Your customers can search your entire product catalog 24/7. Even while you are fast asleep.
  • By meeting your customers where they are, anytime, anywhere, they buy more from you.
  • Nix86 frees up admin time to spend with your best customers promoting your chosen products.

Reduce Errors

  • Reduce runbacks by capturing every detail of the order. No need to decipher late night voicemails.
  • Individual customer pricing, cutoff times, order minimums, and delivery days are called out in the app.
  • Receive digital copies via email of customer communications.

Driving value for our partners every day


“Our customers love ordering online and through the mobile app.  We used to be all hands on deck at peak ordering times. Nix86 has helped manage order volumes.”

Bread Distributor


“Orders are submitted directly into our ERP.  No more translating customer shorthand and keying in orders! All of our orders are digitally tracked and confirmed.”

Produce Distributor


“My accounts can browse and order from our full catalog any time they want.  No more late night calls and the order still comes through to me.”

Liquor Sales Rep


Why offer online ordering and mobile access?

Your customers are asking for a tool that moves with them, allows them to stay on the front lines and not in their back office. A mobile phone app means your products are always within reach for your customers. As a distributor who embraces the future, adapts first, and integrates most closely into the hands of their customers, you gain a significant, sustained competitive advantage. Moreover, the distributor who introduces a valuable service to their customer, builds loyalty.

I already offer online ordering. What does Nix86 do for me?

Nix86 is about giving your customers options. Be it via phone, fax, or online, the most important thing is that your customers find it easy and enjoyable when they order with you. Online and mobile ordering platforms are our business. Even if you have invested in online already, Nix86 can boost online adoption.

Some of my customers have negotiated special pricing. Do you share these price publicly?

Absolutely not! We understand that our vendors and restaurants have a built a strong relationship and we honor that relationship. We do not, share your pricing publicly to other restaurants or other vendors.

Does the Nix86 app require internet access?

The Nix86 app allows your customers to create orders with or without internet access. That means they can be building their orders from anywhere ­ including the walkin and freezer!  To submit their order, they must be connected to the internet.

What if my customer has a question about how to use Nix86?

Your partnership with Nix86 means that both you and your customers are fully supported by the Nix86 customer support team. In fact, you and your customers will be assigned a dedicated account manager to make sure you are getting the best possible results from the Nix86 app. Your relationship with your customers is sacred. Product questions and fulfillment questions go to you, but we are here to help with using the app.

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