How technology is forever changing the Food Industry

Technology nowadays forms an integral part of each and everyone’s life.  Everyone from the General Manager to the dishwasher is holding a smartphone in their pocket.  Technology is radically transforming the Food Industry, driving future growth and shaping the way restaurants do business.

The Food & Beverage Industry is forever changing and while there are many different aspects that could be analyzed, we identified three major points that both Restaurants and Suppliers should pay attention to:

  1. Awareness

Due to the massive amount of data available through the Internet, consumers are becoming more and more demanding. There is not only an increased focus on food sustainability and organic food, but also a shift in the ingredients being consumed by individuals.

This aspect is clearly extremely important from a Restaurant point of view since it provides the flexibility to adapt to customers’ changing eating habits. However, it is also very relevant for Distributors allowing them to take advantage of this data to better understand what demands to anticipate and  to offer products that are more suitable to customers’ desires.

  1. Reviews

Shared experiences and opinions over products on Social Media represents a major influence on today’s consumer’s purchases. The downside is this sometimes makes it even harder to meet expectations, not only as a Restaurant but also as a Supplier. In fact, with the decision making power now unquestionably titled toward guests, both sides have to work incessantly to improve customers’ experiences more and more, to deliver a higher value to a never-satisfied clientele.

  1. Digital connected supply chain

Supplier management software technology solutions are the future. They are extremely useful for both sides to improve relationships, analyze data over buying behavior, track KPIs, and enhance transparency over the whole process. Also, they represent a tool to promote collaboration between the two separate parties, with the final objective of delivering better results, leveraging the improved customer understanding, and, therefore, be ahead of competitors.

A great example of a supplier management software technology to have a digitally connected supply chain is Nix86. Nix86 is the idealtool to provide better and faster services to your clients, maximizing effectiveness and efficiency, to not only increase customer understanding and customer lifetime value but also to defeat your competitors. It represents the ultimate online and mobile ordering platform for you to enhance your relationships, allowing you to work together as a team to reach your goals faster.

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