How technology can improve your supplier relationships

Most restaurants struggle to have a single, unified, view of the products they order from their different vendors. This lack of visibility and transparency creates a fractured supply chain; one in which the restaurant operator and their suppliers do not operate in sync, resulting in inflated prices, bloated inventory, excessive waste, supply uncertainty, and often a less than ideal restaurant/supplier relationship.

The good news is, solutions exist! Never before has there been a better time to utilize technology to improve your product management and supplier relationships.

As a kitchen or FOH manager, imagine having a reliable product information management system, to handle everything from ordering to reconciliation, new product discovery, and centralization of all information for powerful reporting and analytics. Now, ask yourself, why aren’t you using this system yet?!

If you are looking to streamline your efforts, cutdown on errors, and save time in the otherwise labor intensive process of product and P&L management, then leveraging technology is the answer. Introducing you to Nix86, the perfect solution to improve the way you manage your supplier relationships. This BOH system enables streamlined ordering from  all of your suppliers, while enhancing your communication and relationships. Here is how it works:

  1.    Upload Catalogs

Simply copy and paste your different supplier order guides into Nix86, and start ordering! You can even attach the vendor’s full product catalog so that you can search it at any time! Most importantly, be sure to add ALL your vendors – “mise en place” – so everything is in one place.

  1.    Categorize Items

You know the products you order like the back of your hand. Your digital product management system should too! Customize any item to have the nickname you use in house, or to be assigned to any product category (ex. meat, produce, dairy) or storage location (ex. walk-in, freezer, bar). In a matter of minutes you will have digitized your order guides and kissed your clipboard goodbye!  

  1. “Quick Receive”

Let’s be honest, not every delivery is perfect. Before going digital, what you said on your voicemail order might have been misunderstood and too much or too little product gets dropped off. Other times the product you intended to order isn’t available and a substitution is given without your approval. We aren’t here to point fingers, we are here to make life better. Thanks to the Nix86 ‘Quick Receive’ tool, you can improve your vendors’ communication, by immediately notifying them if there are any mistakes in a delivery. Our favorite part, you can do it with a simple snap of a picture!

  1.    Action Reports

Real time reporting brings you a digital accounts payable journal, a cost of goods purchased ledger, and price history trends of your ordered items. Easily manage your business, forecast future ordering costs and help your bookkeeper with transparent, accurate reporting.

Ready to get started?

Choose Nix86: because the product you serve matters!