How to be a better Restaurant Manager

Being a Restaurant manager is not an easy job: it requires you to wear many different hats, sometimes too many, to successfully run everything.  From pricing decisions and  menu development to coordinating the entire staff and boosting morale, there are many steps along the way to being a successful manager.  

The good news is that is never too late to improve and sharpen one’s skills. In fact, while leadership is said to be innate in personality, management is something that can be learned.

Here’s is what you can do to easily become a better Restaurant Manager.

  1.    Be a good teacher

As a Manager, you will dictate the example for your employees to follow. That’s exactly why you have to pay attention to your teaching methods: while it is important to penalize someone for making a mistake it is even more valuable to use it as a teaching moment and to explain why that was a mistake and what could have been done differently. Also, always remember to celebrate your staff victories: it will serve to boost the team’s morale, making people feel part of a bigger picture.

  1.    Build your team

You more than anyone else should pay attention to whom will be part of your team. Why? First of all, you are the person in charge for your team, which makes you accountable for every possible issue or mistake the restaurant could face. Secondly, who more than you really knows what personalities will best serve your customer base and work together most effectively with the group? With demanding restaurant hours, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your team — be sure it’s a great one and a group you’re proud to work beside!

  1.    Be Creative

Being creative is extremely important because it allows you to be more innovative.Out-of-the box thinking can be harder to develop but finding new strategies that can be implemented in your restaurant could drive value,  revenue, and loyalty..

  1.    Be a better administrator

As a Restaurant Manager, your tasks don’t only include managing your team and taking care of customers. You also have to take care of all the administrative aspects such as purchasing, inventory, maintaining costs and understanding fluctuating pricing.. But now you can easily rely on technology to simplify this aspect of your daily life.

It would allow you to streamline your efforts, cutting down on errors, and saving time in the otherwise labor intensive process of product and P&L management.

Nix86 is the perfect solution to improve the way you manage your supplier relationships. This BOH system enables streamlined ordering from all of your suppliers while enhancing your communication and relationships. By allowing you to standardize communication with your customers and enhance your relationships, Nix86 will increase your productivity and efficiency, leveraging your manager efforts to focus on building the business as opposed to these time consuming administrative tasks.

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