What are your customers really looking for?

The Food & Beverage Industry is in constant evolution, changing every day to adapt to new trends, styles, and foods. And it is easy to understand all these changes by simply looking back at the Industry 10 years ago to experience a completely different landscape.

However, in such a fast-paced world we are living in nowadays, it can take even just a few months to experience an extremely different reality.

According to the insights provided by Technomic, here are the main consumer changes that the US Food & Beverage world have experienced thus far in 2017.

  1.    Deals Matter

The latest data shows 37% of consumers strongly agree that they are seeking out restaurant deals more often now than ever. Nearly half of consumers (48%) look at low pricing with the hopes of saving money so they can dine out more frequently.. Providing deals will allow you to experience an increase in repeat customers and attract new ones. You could choose to either offer discounts or partner with discount sharing sites to increase your sales and drive customer loyalty.

  1.    Sustainability

Food sustainability is about culture, education, health, equity and respect for the planet we live in. 57% of consumers say the use of sustainable foods is very important in creating a good value at restaurants. At the end of the day, the sustainable food movement starts with you. As a restaurant, your choice of menu can promote healthier eating habits, more secure food supplies, and thrive communities. You can reduce your footprint by promoting and supporting your local food system.

  1.    Kid Friendly

Making your restaurant kid-friendly may increase your sales up to 25%. Why? Because parents often decide to eat where their little ones feel more comfortable and happy. Also, in the past years, the number of families who eat out has consistently increased. Therefore, providing kids menus and meal options is an effective way to influence your customers to visit your restaurant.

  1.    Loyalty Programs

With 25% of consumers participating in a restaurant-based loyalty or rewards program, they represent one of the most effective marketing strategies, from a return on investment point. Loyalty programs can help you increase your sales, especially with the shift to mobile programs: restaurants can now remind customers about their great menu and specials. Increase your customer lifetime value by creating a personal relationship with your customers.

  1.    The Ever Popular Burger

The hamburger still remains crazy popular among Americans, even becoming more and more popular lately. However, there’s been a shift from traditional burgers to burgers with new and unique flavors, as the 35% of consumers confirm. And burger combo meals are one of the most appealing restaurant offers for 58% of customers. So make sure to have burger section in your menu, with the ‘secret house sauce’ in it, and drive your profits.

  1.    Vegetarian Options

Inserting some vegetarian options in your restaurant menu is extremely important not only to attract vegetarian customers but also to retain your traditional customers. In fact, 43% of consumers strongly agree that vegetarian meals are typically healthier than non-vegetarian options at restaurants. And with 41% of consumers saying they eat more and more vegetables every year, vegetarian options definitely represent a smart way to grow your customer base and enhance your revenues.

Knowing these customer trends is key to your business. As a restaurant operator, this type of data impacts menu design and recipe creation.

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