Four digital marketing tips every restaurant should use


Since the beginning of the Social Media Era, having a strong digital presence has been extremely important for every different type of business. However, year after year, companies have experienced the need not only to have an online presence but foremost having a dedicated digital marketing strategy that could really help them to outdo their competitors.

In 2017 when the digital marketing engagement in the Food & Beverage Industry has reached sky-high levels. With more than 80% of Restaurants using social media as a marketing tool to strengthen their customer’s relationships, it is fundamental for them to have a studied digital strategy to develop a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd.

If you are either a Restaurant Manager, a Kitchen Manager, or simply ‘The person in charge of Social Media’ here is how you can effectively improve your online marketing strategy, in four easy steps.

  1. Pay attention to your online reputation

Now more than ever people are influenced by what is been said online. Therefore, pay attention to what people are saying and sharing about you. Go into different platforms and search for yourself: it will help you understand where the conversation is going and what your customer’s opinion/impression is of you. And remember: always reply to your customers, especially if it is a bad review. It will show your commitment and customer focus, letting your clients understand how important they are to you.

  1. Incorporate user generated content into your strategy

Using user-generated content is extremely valuable: it, first of all, encourages engagement, with up to a 28% increase, making it twice as likely for customers to share these elements. But also it enhances customers trust and loyalty. Of course, remember to select the proper user generated type of content, something that is aligned with your profile flow.

  1. Take advantage of paid advertising

Old school advertising, in the sense of flyers and billboards, used to be one of the main focuses of every business. However, now that traditional advertising has been replaced by digital ads, businesses seem to not understand its value. Digital advertising doesn’t only allow you to spread your message, increasing brand awareness. Now, thanks to all the tech improvements, it is extremely easy to create an online campaign perfectly targeted to help you reach the right persons without spending hundreds of dollars.

  1. Ask your customers

Thanks to digital communication you can now really understand what your customers are looking for and provide better responses to their desires. To do so simply start a conversation with them and promptly ask what they are looking for. Being able to deeply understand your customers will allow you to improve the way you are doing business, in a more data driven way. From changing your menu to respond to the new trendy diets or creating a promotion for your Wednesday night, you will know what can really drive your sales.

At Nix86 we reached out to our customers to hear what content they want to see. We also make a strong effort to reshare, retweet, and repost content generated by our customers. Not only does it support those who support us, but it also exposes us to a new audience, promotes our strong customer relationships, and ultimately generates new followers.

Take a look to Nix86 social media pages, from Instagram to Twitter, to better understand what it means to have a focused digital marketing strategy.

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