Why you need an online reporting tool

Online reporting tools are recognized to be some of the most important pieces of software for businesses, being essential to give everyone in the company the right information, and, most importantly, to make better business decisions. In such a data driven world, most organizations experience the need for a smart software that can make sense of this vast amount of numbers and figures, transforming data into valuable insights that can strategically support the decision-making process.

Imagine being able to collect data from all your customers   , in easy-to-read charts and that can be customized according to what is most valuable to you and your business. Getting access to all the information you need would really make your business grow, giving you the tool to make more informed, evidence-based decisions, and faster than ever. And imagine if you could even share your reports with the people you want and work on them together. You would foster a collaborative environment within your team, and at the same time improve your time management!


Now you can: Nix86 is the ultimate online ordering platform that provides you this exact type of tool.

Through Nix86 you have access to integrated data in an efficient manner to drive proactive decision-making and develop a competitive advantage.

From tracking your customers’ trends to analyzing all your orders, you can easily understand where your business needs to be improved, where you can grow, and which items focus on. Get profitability and KPI insights to build a data-driven business and improve your daily effectiveness.

Our online reporting feature makes collaborating with your customers even easier, facilitating your work with no need for additional training . Once you sign in, you will start to collect data from all the restaurants you work with. Now you can start analyzing data, thanks to your ready-to-go online reports. No complex configuration needed, nor regular maintenance. It is truly as easy as it sounds.

Thanks to Nix86’s reporting and analytical features, you can create more strategic business goals, increasing the success of your overall business.

So why don’t you book a meeting today to learn more about our innovative online reporting tool and how Nix86 can benefit your company!