How Millennials are changing the Coffee Industry

In 2017 Millennials have officially become the leading generation in coffee consumption, according to the National Coffee Association.

And this phenomenon doesn’t only correspond to an increase in the coffee demand, pushing it to historical records. It also brought several new interesting trends in the coffee industry, changing the way coffee is purchased and consumed.

Millennials are known to be the most social and tech savvy generation so far. And this is reflected in the incredible amount of coffee pics being uploaded every day on social media, especially on Instagram. But it also means a shift in the consumption uses, from the private apartment to mainstream public venues. Millennials, as opposed to their parents, value more the experience rather than the price. Therefore, they look more for the socially accepted and trendy location to have their morning coffee. And, at the same time, they also have different tastes compared to the previous generation which is reflected in new and different approaches adopted to brew coffee.

Here are the most popular trends in the Coffee Industry:

  1. Cold brew

Cold Brew doesn’t simply correspond to putting ice in regular coffee. It is an elaborate process which consists of brewing coffee with room temperature or cold water between 12 and 24 hours. The result is a cold cup of coffee with a more rounded taste, less acidity, and a full body. The Cold Brew method has been on the market now for a couple of years but it keeps on growing in popularity, especially thanks to more sophisticated machines refining the process and enhancing the taste.

  1. Nitro coffee

The process of making Nitro Coffee is just as the one employed by microbreweries: using Nitrogen (N7) to yield a foamy, extra smooth beverage. It helps to reduce the bitter notes of traditional coffee and it represents a healthy (and premium) option for its consumers. This caffeinated beverage, which looks like a Guinness, represents a completely new coffee experience, served straight from the tap, providing a clean taste and removing the need of adding sugar or heavy cream in it.

  1. Organic  

We are all aware of what organic means: the production of a product without using any artificial or chemical substances, such as additives. Millennials are more and more focused on eco-sustainability and feel consuming organic coffee is an important denominator for their experience. And that’s why they are willing to pay a premium price for a coffee that is certified to be organic.

Being aware of these major changes in the Industry can help Restaurants to better respond to their younger customers’ needs and wants, delighting Millennials with trendy options.

Nobl Cofee is an excellent example of where you can find the perfect brewed coffee that responds to Millennials’ demands. Nobl has taken on the challenge of perfecting the craft of nitro cold brew. By utilizing similar draft equipment found in bars dispensing stouts and porters, they’re able to serve coffee with all the same qualities of a nitro beer. Also, they’ve developed phenomenal relationships with suppliers to assure they’re brewing with the best possible ingredients, certified organically grown beans, roasted locally. Moreover, with their cold brew process, refrigerated from the second coffee hits the water, they are able to assure the highest standards of quality and freshness.

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