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What are the food trends in the USA?

Food will always be considered as one of America’s favorite pleasures, not only to nourish and sustain our body but also to enjoy convivial moments with friends and family.

American cuisine is known to be composed of different traditions, a mix of different taste and flavors from all over the world. But what are some of America’s favorites?

From a vendor and a restaurant point of view, it is crucial to know the eating/ordering habits of their customers; as to be able to serve and satisfy clients’ needs.

Here are USDA key findings of food consumption in America.

  1. Chicken is America’s favorite meat

Chicken has always had a huge success in American meals. And if we consider the uprising trend of cutting fattier beef and pork dishes, it is easy to understand how chicken had a consumption spike lately.

And also, who doesn’t love chicken wings?

  1.    Mozzarella is the cheese king

Mozzarella doesn’t only represent the perfect pizza cheese.

The ‘immigrant cheese’ from Italy conquered American hearts thanks to its freshness, and versatility, representing more than one-third of the overall American cheese consumption.

  1.    Oranges & Apples & Bananas

There are a lot of reasons why people love fruit, from a nutrition point of view to their delicious taste. And while we should all eat more fruit in our life there are some fruits which have been longstanding on the food pyramid. Apples and bananas represent the most popular fresh choice, being perfect for breakfast or as a mid-day snack. When you are talking about juice, orange is king.

  1.    Tomatoes and Potatoes

Tomatoes and Potatoes definitely represent America’s’ favorite vegetables even if they are not really consumed in the ‘healthiest’ way. In fact, French fries and Pizza (among people’s favorite comfort food) contribute to the high consumption of these two vegetables

While in the above we share some fun data points, the reality is that knowing these trends of your customers is key. As a restaurant operator this type of data impacts menu design and recipe creation. As a distributor, knowing what is moving in the market, means being able to supply what your customer is asking for and greater variety of it.

If you are looking for a way to better track and analyze the trends of your customers and your business, then you have come to the right place.

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