How to increase your sales through technology

Increasing sales corresponds to higher commissions. And we know that, as a sales rep, getting higher commissions is the ‘Holy Grail’.

So what if we tell you that now can you increase your sales with minimal effort?

It is no secret that using technology can help you enhance your sales funnel while accelerating your opportunities and improving your productivity.

But how exactly should you be using technology to leverage your efforts?

Here are our tips to:

Be as effective as possible

Master and maximize your sales

Master the most effective sales techniques


Whether for personal or professional use, the purpose of social media is to build relationships. So why not use it to your advantage? It can be a powerful tool for you to connect with both current and potential customers. Engaging with them will allow you to show them your personal business insights and, therefore, help you in building trust. They will feel more connected to you, increasing the chances for you to close a deal.


Content is king no matter what the business is. But in particular, we are all obsessed with food. So since the only thing better than eating food is reading or talking about it, a Blog/Vlog can be the perfect solution to engage with your audience. It will help you leverage your technology usage by creating touch points with your customers and help to respond to their problem/needs.


Investing in a good online and mobile platform can help you standout from the competition and enhance your existing customer’ relationships. And looking at the latest statistics, it is easy to understand how implementing a tech system is exactly what your customers are asking for, a tool that moves with them. So make the difference, be an early adopter and respond to your audience’s desires!

Don’t know which platform to use?

Introducing you to Nix86, the ultimate online and mobile ordering platform allowing you to standardize communication with your customers and enhance your relationships. Nix86 will increase your productivity and efficiency, leveraging your sales efforts to focus on building the business as opposed to functioning as an “order taker”.

Nix86: Because the product you sell matters!