How to increase your business through food sustainability

As for 2016, America is recognized to be the last among Western countries in food sustainability.

Americans love to eat: as studies show, each person eat nearly one ton of food per year. And, as we can imagine, satisfy that appetite correspond to tremendous environment impacts, from air pollution, to over-consuming fossil fuels and water resources.

That’s why, in the past years, food sustainability has become a key factor to most American consumers, when considering products. With increasingly pressure coming from customers and main stakeholders to push sustainability into the supply chain, vendors now have to focus in this issue, implementing concrete actions to drive their sustainability performance.

Food sustainability doesn’t only represent the next big trend in the food and beverage industry, continuously growing in the U.S. market. It is also a way for vendors to conserve resources, optimize processes, uncover product innovations, save costs, increase productivity and promote corporate values.

Here are our tips to successfully create a more sustainable supply chain.

  1. Start small

The first tip is to clearly have in mind that you cannot change everything overnight. To accomplish such a huge goal, you need time and patience. Start with small milestones, easy-to-realize, and then slowly grow your program, frequently adding new efforts.

  1. Tell your story

Once you know what you want to accomplish, start to share your story with your key customers and stakeholders. By raising awareness on your new mission, you won’t only educate people on the subject, but also bring together people. To do create events, use social media, or even organic cooking classes.

  1. Build trust

Reputation plays a big role along with products’ quality. That’s why trust is a critical factor to build a long-term relationship with your customers. To do so, demonstrate to your partners that you are willing to go the extra mile because you share the same values and commitment to social responsibility.

  1. Make your food accessible

Now the last step, is to actually make your amazing sustainable products easily available to your customers. Choose Nix86, the online ordering platform and mobile app, to communicate your inventory changes to your customers, with a 360 view of all your products. Help restaurants to reduce their footprint, by sustaining and supporting the local food system.

With Nix86 you will be able to better communicate directly with your customers, deepening your personal relationship, and letting them know about any new products, cutting you both costs and saving you time.

Nix 86: Because the product you serve matters!