“Weather” or not you realize it, what’s going on outside your window matters.

There are many different factors that can influence food & beverage prices, such as the cost of gas, labor costs or water shortages, etc. Without a doubt, one of the largest factors, is the weather!

The agricultural industry is extremely sensitive to in changes in climate and extreme weather conditions. Unexpected rainfall or unseasonably cold temperatures influence the quantity and quality of food produced. Weather patterns can lead to a less desirable harvest, corresponds to declining rates of yield growth, and increase costs to maintain healthy crops.  While a little extra rain, or a later than normal frost may not sound like a big deal, it can actually de-root produce crops or create excess moisture on plant leaves allowing for mildew to grow.

The bright side is that climate change won’t only challenge regional food production but also serve as a way to stimulate its growth. While modern technology and techniques can help farmers and vendors to promptly respond to these changes, and adapt, reducing their vulnerability and adapt maintaining a high-level production, not every farmer has the equipment necessary to counter-interact that change. This will shift regional advantages all around the world, and make some forms of local production more competitive. By diversifying farming, there will be an increase our resilience to adapt to what climate change brings.

However, let’s face it: high and volatile food prices are not likely to decline. With the agriculture having to continuously adapt to a dramatically changing climate, prices might actually increase up to 1% next year. And when there is a rise in retail food cost in normally means that farm and wholesale prices will rise as well.

With Nix86 you will be able to better communicate and offer substitutions to your customers in time of need. Your customers may not be paying attention to the weather, but if you are, you can deepen your relationship and let them know about season trends with product price fluctuation or how an unusual weather pattern might impact their food costs.

Nix 86: Because the product you serve matters !

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