How weather impacts your menu

It is easy to understand how weather affects our mood which, as a result, influences how and what our guests eat. In fact, the change in weather has demonstrated to bring different eating habits.

Changes in weather affect the place or ambiance where your customers want to dine. If you have a patio during the warmer months, expect a boost in outdoor diners.

But weather also affects the type of food guests are craving. While during the cooler months guests prefer warm, comfort food, with the approach of Summer they tend to switch to healthy, energizing options.

And while many restaurants offer both indoor and outdoor facilities, they sometime seem struggling in adapting their menus to the weather changes.

So we realized how weather can actually represent a huge business opportunity for a restaurant when it has the flexibility to adapt to changing eating habits.

Here are our food tips to help you develop new summer menu ideas and support a more accurate inventory planning.

  1. Focus on Vegetables

As our moms used to tell us, we should eat our veggies. In particular, Purple Vegetables are seen as the next big thing, so if you want to add a fancy touch to your menu give them a try! Choose between vibrantly-hued purple cauliflower, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts and asparagus and you will experience how, even the most vegetable averse will sit down and eat his vegetables.

  1. Build on the ‘Avocado Momentum’

The exotic fruit from the Lauracee tree is now full part of the new trending culinary habits, especially avocado toasts. It has become a fundamental part of every brunch in the weekend, being considered as millennial-favorite food.

  1. Add Prosecco to your Wine List

The Italian sparkling wine is one of the latest trend in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry. It actually overtook Champagne to become the most popular choice of bubbles around the world.

  1. Gluten Free desserts

Gluten free food has becoming more and more an emerging food theme. In fact, it not only represents a healthier option but it is had become extremely , especially among instagrammers. So take advance of this market trend and put in on your menu!

Now imagine if you can easily adapt your orders to what diners crave the most in that season? It would help you to build on the momentum and boost your sales, providing, at the same time, a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Introducing you to Nix86, the app and online platform to help you communicate with your vendors faster,  and update your menu with new, trending meal options. With full access to your suppliers’ catalog, you can now easily place orders from your phone and quickly respond and adapt to your customers heating habits.

Nix86 will provide you the right tools to increase your productivity and efficiency, allowing you to have a more customer-centric approach, driving your profits and boosting your success.

Nix 86: because the products you serve matters!