3 Time management tips for restaurant managers

From the moment you walk in the door, running a restaurant is nonstop! Most of the time it seems almost impossible not to be pulled in a million different directions. As a FOH or BOH manager juggling everything from staff to service related issues leaves little time to actually focus on driving a better business. Let’s be honest, at best the shift is “organized chaos”.

Fear not, we have been there before and picked up some great best practices to help reduce the stress in your life and get a better handle on the way you manage the shift.

Below is our “secret recipe” to improve your efforts to save time without shortcutting quality, through 3 simple steps.


As much as we all wish it were the case, it’s unlikely you have super human powers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage your “powers” for good! Just know yourself and be realistic: you cannot accomplish everything in just one day, or all at the same time. So, we suggest you create to-do list, and then take a moment to think: If you had to stop working after completing just one task what would you choose? Day-by-day use this method to select the top three to-do activities and then stick to them. In this way, you will actually be able to manage your time and get things done.


A lot of are guilty of think the three best people for the job are: me, myself, and I. The reality is, you are not alone, so don’t try to accomplish everything on your own! Learning how to delegate will lead to better time management and improve your organization. At the same time, it will help you to have a better environment for your team since empowering them will encourage your employees and build morale, being seen as capable of greater success. This process not only will develop your team members’ skills but also stimulate creativity and initiative, fundamental elements for a successful growth of your restaurants.


We get it, you’re busy! The last thing you need is someone, anyone, but worst of all one of your vendors stopping by unannounced, and in the middle of your busy shift! You have a job to do, but the flip side of that coin is that they do too. So why not setup a scenario that is win-win? Let’s take for example those everyday orders that you need to place. Ask yourself how much time you end up spending compiling orders for vendors, or even worse waiting for their voicemail to pick up? Introducing Nix86, the ultimate App and Online Platform which saves you time by communicating with your vendors and placing multiple orders with a single click. With 24/7 access to all your product information from all your suppliers, you can order whenever, wherever and however you want, with up a 50% reduction in time waste. How cool is this?

Now you are ready.

Start to use our secret recipe and efficiently improve your time management, so you can finally focus on your restaurants.

Nix86: because the product you serve matters!