3 Time management tips for sales rep

We’ve all heard the expression before, “time is money”. This seems to be particularly true from a sales rep’s point of view. There are only so many “workable” hours in a day, and when it comes to F&B distribution, those hours are few and far between. So why is it that reps fall victim to the time intensive and administrative tasks that eats away at their days? Shouldn’t they instead seize the moments that matter the most, and focus on high value touches and providing additional service to their customers to strengthening those relationships?

If you are a sales rep and you are reading this, ask yourself: are you ready to stop logging orders voicemail after voicemail, or keep from chasing customers who are notoriously late on payments and/or placing their orders after their cutoff times? There is a better way! Today’s technology is powerful, simple to use, and readily available to you. So, start letting technology help you get better organized, save time, and earn more money.

Here are our three tips to substantially improve your time management skills and boost your sales, all via technology.


How much time do you spend talking to your customers simply about what they want to order versus how to grow their business? With technological advancements such as mobile ordering, you can now improve your communication style, avoid mistakes, and take out the manual task of transcribing orders. For example, with a more standardized communication style you can receive direct emails with your familiar product descriptions, simplifying the data flow between the two parties. It will enhance your accuracy, saving you time to spend on building your business and identifying new opportunities within your existing customers.


How manual is your order entry process? Often transcribing an order, manually entering it, and double checking to ensure it was received correctly. By moving your ordering to online or mobile, customers will place orders the way you want to receive them. Product ID numbers and accurate descriptions could be on every order placed to reduce errors and time spent clarifying ordered items. And because your customers are now online anyway, both parties could receive the same confirmation email so that both parties are on the same page.


You might not like tech changes in the industry or process but let’s face it: they can simplify your life as a sales representative. Automating your procedure will correspond to not becoming bogged down in completing manual processes. For example, with an automated system, you can have orders placed integrate directly with your ERP system, saving a lot of valuable time. But this won’t only correspond to improved time management, but also to an increase in productivity and functionality.

It all sounds great, right? Allow us to introduce you to Nix86, an online and mobile ordering platform allowing you to standardize communication with your customers and enhance your relationships.  Nix86 will increase your productivity and efficiency, leveraging your sales efforts to focus on building the business as opposed to functioning as an “order taker”. With the new ‘Quick Receive’ feature, the platform further strengthens communication, providing more effective time management, and helping resolve product related issues faster than ever. Receive your orders easily, drive your profits and boost your sales success.

Nix 86: making life easier for you and your customers!